Wednesday, May 19, 2010

So this is what it feels like to 'blog'.

Well first let me tell you why I am 'blogging'. I've been a mom for almost 13 years now...along the ride with my oldest son, birth control gave up on me 4 other times.....
So, at the requests of many friends family and random strangers who see me in the grocery store and see the look of defeat on me....I'm writing my journey through motherhood down.

I will warn only one time....what I say is honest, and my best recollection of what happens and how I feel. Also, I'm not the best speller, a professional writer or a person that really gives a flying crap on what others think of me at this point. But I do hope that what I write someone will relate, or laugh or realize their life isn't so sucky.

Because my life isn't so sucky.

It has it's moments...time spans...but it's not sucky. I laugh it can't be completely sucky.

Well, let me get on with the meat of this first blog. And who I am.
I'm 32. *gulp* I'm the oldest of 3 kids. I got married at 18 to the man who helped bring my 4 sons and daughter. This year will be 15 years together and 14 married.

We had our oldest TJ a year after we were married....10 months later (no that's not a typo), I gave birth to Tyler. There was an 18 month break (didn't like hubby too much then) and then my son Tre` made his arrival. 11 months later (again no typo) I had my fourth son Tyrel. Then to round out the insanity and my need to mock God, 11 months after my youngest boy, my daughter Aaliyah rounded out what I now call Nuggetland.

So that's pretty much how my nuggets got here. They are now almost 13, almost 12, 10, 9 and 8.
So I pretty much have my brain fried at this point.

Let's see what else is there to know....I like vodka...both the reason why I have kids and why I haven't caged them.

Other reason why I started this blog....3 years ago I join Cafemom. And I began writing a weekly journal. I call it my Mid-Week Vent. So many of those I will bring on this if this works out. The Mid-Weeks were my therapy when life wasn't so kind. They were my comfort blanket and my most personal thoughts. I only shared them with fellow moms. My husband hasn't seen them. But now, after much thought....and an addiction to facebook where there are fellow moms that have never seen them.....I'm sharing them.

So my next post will be flashbacks for me, and new stuff for whoever reads this.

But for now, I must stop typing and go be a oldest just started growing a mustache and he's going to be late. He's been playing with that shadow peach fuzz since he woke up. And my 8 year old needs approval on her outfit...she has a tendency to walk out looking like she's heading to a music video and not school.

Until my next free moment....

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  1. Our Lish is gonna be famous.... Or make someone pee their pants with stories of nuggetland and her dipping sauce of sweet and sour with a twist of the man's adult sippy cup :-)